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July 2019: Upcoming Release Winter 2019


INtense Publications is happy to welcome author Patrick Hueller and his next novel "Kirsten Howard's Biggest Fan" to our fold!

Patrick Hueller is the author of several award-winning books. His recognitions include a YALSA Quick Pick, and a School Library Journal selection, the ALA’s Rainbow Book List and SLJ’s list for “Accessible Reads for Struggling Reluctant Readers.”

He is also the author of the middle grade series Stu Stories, which Geoff Herbach (author of Stupid Fast and Hooper) said “hit[s] on pretty much every topic I cared about when I was a kid"

Patrick lives, teaches and writes in Minnesota. Some fun facts about him: He has an identical twin brother. His wife is also an identical twin. (No, his twin isn’t married to his wife’s twin, which is too bad: it’d make for a great reality TV show.) He has never lost a thumb war. He doesn’t think there should be instant replay in sports, but thinks there probably should be instant replay in life.

June 2019: Upcoming Release Fall 2019


INtense Publications is glad to announce that author Mya R. Schwartz, known for her work with Chicken Soup for the Soul, has signed with us for the upcoming release of The Girl With No Friends.

 Mya R. Schwartz's writing career began after she and her father founded The Fried Latke, a student newspaper belonging to the San Diego Jewish Academy. In college she wrote for The Cougar Chronicle, covering events like “Sam The Cooking Guy,” which she met and interviewed. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and her passions include reading articles about elephants and hanging out with her buddy Rei, a beautiful yellow labrador. Mya plans to continue writing great stories and wants to remind you to please be kind to the animals. 

May 16: Upcoming Release Fall 2019


We are glad to announce our signing of author Lauren Sergeant for the publication of her debut novel, Light of Distant Suns. Lauren never expected to be a writer. She never expected a lot of things that are now true, though. Somehow, composing poetry, blogging, and studying to earn her bachelor’s degree in International Studies. When she is not writing, you can find her curled up on the couch with a good book, whether it be fantasy, history, physics, or calculus. She lives in Alabama with her husband and son, though she grew up in Southern California and never imagined calling the American South home. It seems the unanticipated things in life are sometimes the most delightful.

May 15: Upcoming Release Fall 2019


We are thrilled to announce that author Don Newton has joined us for the release of his next novel False Gods.

Don Newton is a writer and armchair philosopher, author of the science fantasy trilogy “The Prophet”, and short stories too numerous to count. Don has been in love with science fiction and fantasy his entire life. The first alternate world he created was the result of a sixth-grade essay assignment, and he’s been hooked ever since. That world has grown and transformed into an entire multi-verse of possibilities to explore. Don’s not just a writer though, he has hobbies too: like making up funnier lyrics to popular songs. He sings them to himself when no one’s around—especially in the car.

Having lived in nine different states and two foreign countries, he now calls the desert southwest home.

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May 14: Upcoming Release Fall 2019

 We are proud to announce that Gordon Saunders has signed with us for his novel A Light Through the Cave. Gordon has spent his life as a university professor in both the U.S. and Europe and now calls Colorado home. He hopes to teach students about spiritual truths and God with his writing and enjoys traveling to the locations he writes about.
To learn more about Gordon visit him at
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May 1: Upcoming Release Fall 2019


We are glad to announce that author Douglas A. L. Smith has brought his debut novel, Castle of Fountains into our fold! Inspired by his kids and his enjoyment of great fantasy novels, Smith moved from poetry and songwriting to completing Castle of Fountains, which is the first in his planned Tale series. Currently, he calls California home, but that may change as he pursues training for a job with the U.S. government.   

We look forward to joining Douglas on this journey, and hope you’ll come along for the ride! 

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